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Unique Transcriptome Signature of Mycobacterium tuberculosis in Pulmonary Tuberculosis

Helmy Rachman*, Michael Strong+, Timo Ulrichs*, Leander Grode*, Johannes Schuchhardt**, Hans Mollenkopf*, George A. Kosmiadi#, David Eisenberg+, S.H.E. Kaufmann*

Max Planck Institute for Infection Biology
Department of Immunology
Schumannstrasse 21-22
D-10117 Berlin, Germany

+Howard Hughes Medical Institute
UCLA-DOE Institute for Genomics and Proteomics
Molecular Biology Institute
University of California, Los Angeles
Box 951570, Los Angeles, CA 90095-1570

**MicroDiscovery GmbH
D-10405 Berlin, Germany

#Central Tuberculosis Research Institute
Department of Immunology 2, Yauzskaya Alley
107564 Moscow, Russian Federation

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