Structure Lab Meeting:Aug 2000
Duilio Cascio

1) Chime is a program to show molecular structures (PDB files) in three dimensions. Chime runs inside Netscape or IExplorer as a plug-in.
2) Chime is derived from Rasmol so you have to learn few rasmol commands.
3) In our lab we can run Chime on any Windows or Mac computer and you can edit the scripts that reside on your HTML home directory (UNIX DEC-ALPHAS)
4) First download CHIME for Windows or or MAC . After installing the plug-ins restart the Browser (ie:Netscape)

The chime exhibits listed below were prepared by undergraduate students in the honors class CHEM & BIOCHEM 153BH as an honors project (Dr.J.Feigon). Each student was assigned a structure paper relevant to the course material. Their project was to prepare a chime exhibit illustrating and describing the macromolecule.

This Chime exhibit is maintained by Duilio Cascio.

  1. DNA recognition by GAL4 by Amie Jimenez
  2. Lac Operon Repressor complexed with DNA and Inducer by Amy Gimlen
  3. MAX-DNA complex by Ben Koo
  4. Structure of the A site of 16S ribosomal RNA by Brian Oshinomi
  5. CAP-DNA by Delandy Young
  6. Yeast Phenylalanine T-RNA by Fred Tsen
  7. Structure of a Group I Ribozyme by Julie Kim
  8. Klenow Fragment of DNA-Pol I by Sundeep Kang
  9. The GCN4 Basic Region Leucine Zipper By Thao Tran