Duilio's Gardening page

I love to grow my own vegetables and I like to grow herbs for cooking. I think everybody should try to grow some plants in their apartment or house. I live close to the Pacific Ocean so I have to be careful about fog and cloudy weather in the summer.

I have been very succesful growing zucchini, armenian cucumbers and squashes. The small Roma tomatoes are very easy to grow. I love spicy salads like arugula, and mustards. In the fall winter and spring I grow mostly salads and in the late spring and summer I grow tomatoes and eggplants. In the late fall I start onions and garlic.

With cabbages I have to keep checking form cabbage worms and I usually apply B.T. powder. I don't use pesticides at all.

The trick of gardening is to use a compost pile from your kitchen.

Here my hot list of gardening tricks and links.