Zotero Notes

Zotero Web site: https://www.zotero.org

Zotero Installation Notes

(1) Install Zotero 5.0 AND Zotero Connector for your preferred browser(s).
  Follow instructions provided at: https://www.zotero.org/support/installation. Use default settings - they seem to work.
(2) Make sure the add-on for your preferred word processor (MS Word and/or Open/Libre Office) is installed (it should happen automatially).
  Visit Edit->Preferences->Cite->Word Processor pane in Zotero to find out. If installed properly, the add-on icons should be visible somewhere witin the editor menus.
(3) Register to obtain (a free) account on the zotero site: https://www.zotero.org/user/register.
  Zotero can be used without creating an account on the Zotero site. However, the Zotero account is needed to access two of the most useful Zotero features - synchronization of the reference collections across mutiple browsers/computers and the synchronization of reference collecions that are visible to a group of users.
(4) Configure Zotero to automatically login into Zotero Sync Server.
  Once you make Zotero synchronize with your account, the changes you (or someone else) makes on one computer will automatically propagate to any other computer synchornizing with your account. This way you will see the same list of publications on your computer at work, at home and also on your laptop.
(5) Repeat steps (1-4) for every computer and every browser you intend to use with Zotero.
(6) Spend some time browsing through Zotero documentaton.
  Zotero basics are very simple and rather straightforward. However, there is a lot of less obvious features that are worth learning about. Zotero can be used for many purposes other than just managing references for your next paper - for example, to prepare and format the list of papers for your next journal club.

Zotero Journal Club List

Zotero & Journal Club

(1) Ask David Boyer how to gain write-acces to the journal club article collection.
  The lists of papers inside our Structure Journal Club collection are readable by anyone but you need to be our Zotero group member to modify (add/remove/annotate) papers.
(2) Create new Zotero collection inside Structure Journal Club.
  Use the date to present the list as collection name (eg 2015/06/08). Create VOTE LIST subcollection inside it. The top level collection (the one named by date) can be used to keep track of papers that you thing are worth reading, even if they are not particularly suitable for the journal club. Some people might still find the papers interesting/useful. Some people might want to suggest a paper by adding it to the list of candidate papers.
(3) Use PubMed to add papers to the newly created collection.

The papers can be added directly from PubMed by simply clicking on the zotero-generated icon that appears within/next to the URL field of the article page. Note, that it is also possible to add publications directly from many journal sites but, please, try use PubMed as this is the most straightforward way to import the text of abstract imported into Zotero collection. Full text of each abstract is needed to generate properly formatted journal club list.

In case no publication record is avaiable through PubMed (for example you want to list a recently published paper from Science Express that hasn't made it into PubMed yet) add the record directly from the journal site but then check if the publication abstract made it into Zotero record. To do that select the record of the newly added publication within the collection record list and check if the text of abstract is available in the Abstract: field - the list of all fields and their contents should show up to the right of the selected record. In case the 'Abstract:' filed shows up empty select it by clicking on the (currently empty) contents and paste in the text of abstract as provided on the journal site.

(4) Move the final papers to be voted for into the VOTE LIST collection
  You might also want to create For the Record collection to list papers worth mentioning (but not voting) during the journal club.
(5) Install journal-club-list.csl style.
  A new style can be installed by saving the .csl file and installing it within Zotero Cite Preferences. See Zotero documentation for more details.

NOTE: the journal club .csl file, together with some other potentially useful style files, can be also found in
(6) Use the new style to prepare formatted list of papers and paste it into the text editor of your choce.
  Once your list is ready right-click on the VOTE LIST collection, select Create Bibiligraphy from Collection.... and choose Journal Club List style in the pop-up window. You will be able to generate a formatted list of publications in the clipboard be selecting Copy to Clipboard and clicking on OK button. Once the list is generated it can be pasted into Microsoft Word or any other word processor. Just remember to retain source formatting when pasting in the list.