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My research involves X-ray crystallographic studies of macromolecular assemblies and enzymes involved in DNA metabolism, such as helicase/primase, dihydrofolate reductase (DHFR) and DNA polymerase beta (polB). Past projects include construction of a crystallographic movie of DHFR, depicting loop and subdomain conformational movements during one turnover of substrate. I have also written a web server for treating anisotropy in X-ray crystallographic data sets. I work at the UCLA-DOE Molecular Biology Institute.

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Crystallographic Tutorials - Software Tutorials to Aid You in Determining Your Crystal Structure

 Crystallographic Resources

M230D Lab Course Materials - Structural Molecular Biology Laboratory (Chem M230D)

Diffraction Anisotropy Server Scaling and Ellipsoidal truncaction of anisotropic diffraction data

Table 1 Server Automatically generate a table of data and refinement statistics from scalepack and Refmac5 output.

UCLA Crystallographic Servers A variety of automated servers for analyzing crystal structure and data

Cross-ß Crystal Structure Library Access coordinates and interactive Chime illustrations of cross-beta fibrils.

Amyloid Atlas 2022  Structures illustrated from PDB.

Amyloid Models  Speculative models before 2015 .

DHFR the Movie Movie based on 30 crystal structures of E.coli DHFR.


Polymerase ß the Movie! Movie based on 3 crystal structures of polymase beta.

Movie 1 Movie 2 Movie 3

Self Rotation Function Server Calculate and display the self rotation function for your data set.
Matthews Probability Calculator Estimate the number of molecules in the asymmetric unit.

Protparam Calculate molecular weight from amino acid sequence. 

NIST*LATTICE Obtain matrices to convert between different lattices. 


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Michael R. Sawaya
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